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73% of all vets agree that there is a vast array of different flea products on the market, which can be confusing for pet owners


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There are an overwhelming number of flea treatments on the market and we cannot stock every one. Some are prescription only which are obtainable only from your vet or with a vet's prescription from an online dispensary such as

Many of the most effective treatments are non-prescription veterinary medicines such as Frontline and Flevox, however they are still classed as vet medicines and pet details need checking before dispensing.

Lastly, there are a myriad of products available from supermarkets and pet shops containing many different compounds. Many of these are classed as 'general sale license' products or are totally unlicensed.

At we only sell tried and tested licensed products that have veterinary authorisation.

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Spot-On Treatment (Non-Prescription)

  • One of the most common and effective forms of flea treatment for cats and dogs is a liquid based "Spot-on". These Spot-on formulations come in easy to use pre-measured pipettes allowing for quick and precise dosing.
  • Spot-on flea treatments are typically applied to the skin on the back of the neck, as this is a difficult area for your pet to reach, ensuring that your animal does not ingest the product through licking or grooming.
  • The contents of the Spot-on flea treatment work by rapidly distributing over the body surface within 24 hours of application. The active ingredient forms concentrated "reservoirs" in the glands of the skin, which is then secreted out coating the hair and skin for several weeks after treatment.
  • Spot-on treatments have a non-systemic mode of action, which means the active ingredient kills fleas on contact and doesn't require the flea to bite the animal or ingest blood.
Did you know?
83% of pet owners aren't aware that most flea products should be used monthly

Oral Treatments (Non-Prescription)

  • There are two veterinary recommended oral treatments currently on the market.
  • Capstar Tablets can have an effect on fleas as soon as 15 minutes after administration. Between 95% and 100% efficacy is observed within the first 6 hours and 100% efficacy is reached within 24 hours, however these treatments have no long-lasting effects.
  • Alternatively Program, the other oral suspension/oral tablet formulation has a longer lasting effect by halting flea egg production, which provides prevention against new infestations.
  • Oral treatments require the flea to bite the animal to become infected, and work by attacking the flea's nervous system rendering it paralysed.

Prescription Treatments

  • Prescription treatments are those treatments that can only be obtained from your vet or from an authorised retailer on receipt of a veterinary prescription made out by your vet. These products can contain new ingredients that need to be monitored or ingredients that vets need to ensure are used safely.
  • There is a huge range of prescription flea treatments including spot-on formulations, oral treatments and collars, however your vet will decide upon the most appropriate treatment for your pet taking into consideration things like health factors, lifestyle and geographical area.
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