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On your pets...
Adult fleas live on your pet feeding off their blood. Regular pre-ventative treatment can kill adult fleas within 24 hours. However did you know that most flea treatments don't act as repellents? Flea treatments for your pets don't stop fleas from jumping onto your animal from the environment; however any fleas that do jump on will be killed within 24 hours.
Off your pets...
A female adult flea can lay up to 1500 eggs in her lifetime. These eggs are then shed from the pet's fur into the environment like a salt shaker.
Soft Furnishings
Once the eggs have hatched into larvae, they crawl away from bright light into dark protected spaces. Once they have happily hidden themselves away they begin to spin a cocoon, inside which the new flea develops. This is now a flea pupa and can remain dormant for up to a year.
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How to Tackle Fleas at Home

Spray Bottle
Environmental sprays can be used to kill fleas that ma be present in your home. A good quality household spray contains active ingredients that kill adult fleas for up to 2 months and eradicate flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 months.
Vacuum & Central Heating
Unfortunately there is no insecticidal product that kills flea pupa as they are completely protected in their cosy cocoon. Don't despair though, these tricks will help fool the pupae to hatch out into adult fleas, which will either be killed when they hop onto your treated pet or by the residual effects of the household spray in the environment.
Washing Machine
Wash your pets bedding regularly, preferably on a high wash, 60 degrees Celsius or higher.

Flea-fighting Tricks

  • When you begin to tackle the environmental challenge of fleas, firstly ensure that your house is warm and humid, as these are factors which encourage pupae to hatch.
  • Vigorously vacuum for 7 consecutive days, paying particular attention to dark corners and under furniture. Vibration is another stimulus that forces pupae to hatch into adult fleas. You can also use your household spray to spray your vacuum bag (if you have one). This ensures any fleas captured in the bag will be killed.
  • Don't deny your pet access to your house. Your pet acts as the greatest stimulant for the pupae to hatch, providing warmth, carbon dioxide and vibrations. And don't worry about your pet, as long as they have been treated regularly with a good quality flea treatment, any newly emerged fleas that do jump on will be dead within 24 hours.
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