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Flea Facts

Did you know?
95% of fleas live in your home!

What are Fleas?

  • Fleas are small wingless insects with long hind legs that are well adapted for jumping
  • They are very small (approximately one eighth of an inch) and reddish-brown in appearance
  • Fleas are external parasites that can be found on animals and in the environment
  • Adult fleas feed on the blood of animals
  • The most common type of flea found on cats is the cat flea Ctenocephalides Felis
Flea Target

Flea Life Cycle

By understanding the life cycle of these pesky parasites, we can help you to eradicate these invaders from your pets and your home more effectively.

Flea Lifecycle Adult Flea

Adult Flea

Adult fleas live on your pet. The females can lay up to 50 eggs a day.
Flea Eggs

Flea Eggs

The flea eggs fall off your pet and into the surrounding environment (your home). After 2-5 days they will hatch into larvae.
Flea Larvae

Flea Larvae

The flea larvae move away from the light under furniture, between floorboards and deep into the carpet. After 7-14 days the larvae change in to the pupae encased in a protective cocoon.
Flea Pupae

Flea Pupae

Flea pupae can remain dormant for up to a year in the environment. Once the pupae detects trigger factors such as warmth, vibration and carbon dioxide (indicators of a host), the adult flea hatches out and jumps onto your pet.
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