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Published on March 7th, 2014 | by Debbie Martin


What Your Canine Friend Wishes That You Knew

If your canine friend could speak, what do you think they would tell you?  What if you could find out what your dog is thinking? Here are some of the things that your dog would probably tell you if they could communicate with you:

They Know How You Feel

sad looking dogDogs are very sensitive at picking up on emotions and you can’t hide how you feel from them. If you are sad, they will come over to you and nuzzle you to make you feel better. If you are stressed, they will act stressed as well because they will pick up on your emotions. Having someone who cares so much about how you feel can be very valuable, so give your puppy a cuddle to improve your mood when you are sad.

They Hate Being Trapped Inside All Day

Can you imagine how bored you would be if you were locked inside all day and couldn’t leave? No wonder you come home to all of your shoes chewed up. Your dog evolved to run, play and hunt all day long, so do your best to at least take them for a walk every day. Remember, their life spans are shorter than ours so they want to be able to make the most of every day!

They Understand Tone of Voice More Than Words

The words that you are saying to your dog mean less than the tone of voice that you use. Your dog loves it when you talk in that loving puppy dog voice, even if they don’t understand what you are saying. And when you use the scolding tone, they might not know your words but they know that they are in trouble.

If You Scold Her Later, She Won’t Understand

You cannot punish a dog for something that they did yesterday, they have no way of understanding what they are getting in trouble for and will get confused. The best way to discipline the dog is to reward or scold them immediately after what they have done. This will help them to make the connection between their behaviour and the consequence – so always correct your dog in the act.

These are just a few of the important things that your dog would probably want to tell you if they were able to talk, so you can understand what your canine friend is thinking.

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Debbie Martin has worked at Beeston Animal Health for over five years, having previously worked as a nurse in equine and small animal practice. Although generally involved with aspects of marketing these days and putting her psychology degree to good use, she still has a great depth of up to date knowledge in all creatures great and small. Debbie lives at home with her partner and two children and spends much of her spare time looking after her horses, dogs and cats or at the home farm with the cows, sheep and turkeys.

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