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Published on May 6th, 2013 | by Debbie Martin


Tick Off Those Pesky Fleas with Frontline for Dogs

Fleas and ticks can not only cause complete misery to your dog and to you, but in the worst case scenario, they can even lead to life threatening diseases. There are many treatments around to make it easy to ensure your dog stays free of these, including frontline for dogs, which is one of the best treatments on the shelf right now. This easy to use treatment will keep your dog flea free for long periods of time, so you can just relax.

What It Does

If your dog is suffering from the dreaded ticks or fleas and you want to get rid of them quickly, frontline for dogs will destroy them within only 48 hours. It also lasts for two months, so you can enjoy some free time without worrying about their return. Frontline for Dogs comes in the form of an easy to use liquid, so you can just treat and go!

There are a range of packs available from frontline for dogs, which differ depending on the size of your dog.  It can be used from a very young age, even on puppies from only eight weeks old.

Precautions of Frontline for Dogs

It is important that you only use the recommended dosage when treating your dog with frontline for dogs; otherwise there is a strong risk of overdose. The dosage will depend on the size of the dog you are treating, so make sure you pick up the most appropriate treatment.  Frontline for dogs should only be used externally and should be sprayed on an area which the dog cannot get to easily. Your dog shouldn’t experience any adverse reactions to frontline for dogs, but if this does occur then you should stop using it.

It is designed for dogs and cats, therefore as tempting as you may find it, don’t try it on humans! If your dog is unwell, don’t use the treatment on them until they are better as it will just be counterproductive.  It is a good idea to ensure your dog is accurately weighed and measured before the treatment, so you know you are using the most accurate dosage.

How to Apply

Frontline for dogs is very simple to apply, but it is best to do it when your dog is comfortable as this will make it more effective. It will also help to ensure your dog is not distressed when you try to apply it. You want to ensure the frontline for dogs treatment is applied to the skin, as this will make it as effective as possible. The interval between treatments with frontline for dogs should be around four weeks.

Frontline for dogs is one of the most popular treatments around for fleas and ticks, and will leave your dog free from these nasty annoyances for at least two whole months, if you need further advice on anything at all relating to treatments for your dog’s then it is recommended that you take advice from a reputable retailer such as Pet Fleas who have the support of a full veterinary practice or just contact your local vet.

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