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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by Debbie Martin


How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Halloween can be a really fun holiday – you get a dress up in a fun and spooky costume, go to parties, eat lots of chocolate and sweets and enjoy your favourite scary horror movies. However, for your pet this time of the year can be stressful and a little bit scary.

Imagine how intimidating it is for your pet when masked ghouls are knocking on your door asking for treats! Also, sweets and chocolate will be highly accessible at this time, which could cause your pet serious stomach upset or even worse if they find their way into a poorly placed stash.

Here are some ways that you can keep your sweet furry friend safe during Halloween.

Put Your Pet in a Quiet Place During Halloween Night

If you have trick-or-treaters knocking on your door all night long, your dog or your cat might be frightened by this onslaught of strangers. The fact that they are wearing alarming masks and makeup will certainly not help the anxiety of your furry friend. You might find that your dog barks an unusual amount, or your cat experiences stress-related diarrhoea.

Your best bet is to put Fluffy or Fido in a quiet and contained place before the trick or treaters arrive, such as in a spare room or a bedroom. Give them plenty of water to drink and a comfy place to relax.

It is not a good idea to let your pet outside on Halloween night, especially if you have a black cat. Sometimes animals can be at risk for cruel drunken Halloween pranks. Also, the firecrackers, scary costumes and other loud noises can be very alarming.

Keep All Sweets Away From Your Pet

No matter how much they give you those cute pleading eyes, always keep your sweets far away from your pet and never share your Halloween candy with them. Any sweets containing xytitol (a common sweetener) will cause rapid hypoglycaemia and liver failure in dogs. Also, chocolate is toxic for pets and will cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you have a bowl of sweets ready to give trick or treaters, always leave it up on a table or a shelf where your pet cannot reach it and never leave it on the floor.

Should Pets Wear Costumes?

It can be really cute and funny to dress your pet in a Halloween costume, but always do so with caution. When left alone, pets have been known to get their costumes caught on things, then injure or even strangle themselves. Also, some pets will chew on their costumes and swallow the fabric, which can cause intestinal obstructions. This about this carefully before putting a costume on your pet and always supervise them carefully.

Keep these tips in mind and your furry friend will have be pet safe this Halloween.

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