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Renal Canine

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Renal Canine

Ref: RCW015-all


Royal Canin Renal is a highly palatable, balanced, and complete food for adult dogs with chronic or temporary renal insufficiency. Chronic Kidney Disease, or CKD, is a condition in which the kidneys gradually deteriorate often causing weight loss, blood in the urine, and water retention. Dietary management is often important in dogs with CKD to improve quality of life and slow the progression of disease. A reduced appetite may occur, and so a highly palatable food is essential.

Renal Special is formulated with increase palatability. It contains low levels of phosphorus and high quality protein to reduce renal workload. Increased kidney workload may induce sudden deterioration, which means that an adapted content of high quality protein is essential. Each kibble also contains low levels of calcium and vitamin D, which helps to reduce oxalate stone formation.

Royal Canin Renal Canine is available in 410g wet tins, 2kg, 7kg, and 14kg dry bags especially formulated for dogs.

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