Pets Prescriptions

Is your pet on prescription medication?Is your pet on prescription medication?

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Changes made in UK law in 2005 allow you, the pet owner, to ask your vet for a written prescription for your pet's prescription medications. If you make a request for a written pet prescription, your vet cannot legally refuse to do so.

Your vet may make a small nominal charge for this service.

If your pet is on long term medication, you may ask your vet for a repeat prescription. This will allow you to use the prescription more than once/up to the amount stated on the prescription by your vet.

Pet prescriptions are only legally valid for 6 months, unless otherwise stated by your vet.

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Once you have placed your order, you need to put the original hard copy prescription in the post. Once we have received your prescription, our in-house vet will authorise your order and we will dispatch.
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