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Some useful information about is a specialist pet health provider offering essential products for equine, pet, cat and dog owners. Our quality products work hard to treat and prevent nasty parasites like fleas and worms. You can buy some of the most powerful flea treatments quickly and easily online from us including Frontline.

Flea Treatments

Frontline for Cats and Dogs is recognised as one of the most effective treatments for the eradication and prevention of fleas. Regular treatments throughout the year with Frontline Spot On can keep your pets free from fleas and protect their health.

At we can offer extensive market and animal knowledge for pet health products. This ensures we can always offer you the leading brands for flea treatment including Frontline.

Flea Prevention

Fleas are nasty parasites that can make life a misery for pets and pet owners. At you can find a range of powerful flea prevention and treatment products that can offer a multi-layered approach to flea control.

  • Fleas can make your pets very uncomfortable and can cause excessive scratching, fur loss and more serious conditions such as anaemia (common in young and senior pets).
  • By using powerful dog and cat flea treatment products like Frontline Spot On you can treat fleas that have already infested your pets.
  • You can use these products in combination with Insect Growth Regulators also available from such as Indorex.

Worm Prevention

Worms are another nasty parasite that can pose a risk to both pet and human health. At you can find a range of effective worm treatments to rid your pets of these unpleasant intestinal parasites.

Drontal is one of the leading brands on the market and provides fast acting treatments against the common parasitic worms found in the UK. Drontal for Dogs and Cats is also available from our online catalogue for treating your pets.

Get great deals on all the essential products you need for flea and worm prevention online now at

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