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Published on January 17th, 2014 | by Debbie Martin


Who’s at the Door? Choosing the Right Cat Flap

A cat flap is a very simple yet clever invention that many cat owners appreciate. It enables your feline friend to come and go on its own schedule from your home to the great outdoors and back again. Cats are notorious for scratching at the door to be let out, only to want to come back in again a few minutes later – or standing indecisively in the doorway. When you have a cat flap installed, you won’t have to spend your time holding the door open anymore for your feline friend! Also, cats are very independent creatures and they appreciate the opportunity to come and go as they please.

However, one of the disadvantages of a cat flap is that it also allows other cats and creatures to enter your home. Fortunately, advances in technology allow you to install a cat flap that will recognise your cat and only let it in, keeping other animals out.

Programmable Cat Flaps

Sureflap CatflapThese days, it is possible to find a programmable cat flap that will work with the microchip that is implanted into your cat. The cat flap will only open for your cat and it will not work for any other animal. This means that there is no need for a bulky tag or a collar, which can get caught on branches or lost.

The cat flap can be programmed with several microchip numbers, for multiple cats. The cat flap is easy to use and battery operated. This can be a great way to keep curious neighbourhood cats from coming into your home and eating your cat’s food.

Choosing the Right Size

There are many different sizes of cat flaps available, so take a look at the different options to find out which will work best for your cat. Some cat flaps are big enough that they can be used to accommodate dogs as well. Also, there are designs that can be fitted to non-standard doors – such as double glazed units. No matter where you want to install your cat flap, there is probably a design that will fit perfectly and offer the best performance.

A cat flap is very important, as it allows your cat to come and go independently – so make sure you choose the right fit with microchip recognition in order to allow your cats and no other creatures to enter.

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