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Published on June 2nd, 2014 | by Debbie Martin


Try These Fun and Playful Ways to Exercise Your Cat

Although your cat does love to lounge around for most of the day, it is still important for them to get some physical activity every day in order to help them avoid obesity. Exercise will benefit your cat in a number of ways – it will keep their mind alert, keep their muscles strong and give you a chance to bond. You should try to spend at least 10-15 minutes per day engaging with your cat in some type of activity.

However, how do you exercise your cat? You can’t really put them on a lead and walk them around the neighbourhood, so what is the best way to keep your feline friend active? Here are a few fun ideas for exercising with your cat:

Playing With Other Cats

Get together with another cat owner in your neighbourhood and let your cats interact with each other. They will end up wrestling and chasing each other, which is great exercise. If you have two cats of your own, they will always have their own companion to play with.

Fun With Laser Pointers

Cats love to chase the glowing red lights of laser pointers, so this cheap gadget can result in hours of entertainment for you and your cat. After a while of teasing your cat with the laser, make sure that you have a real toy or treat to give them – so they are not frustrated with not being able to catch the beam.

Wand-Style Toys

At almost any pet shop you can find a flexible wand-style toy that looks like a fishing rod with a mouse or a feather on the end of the string. These are great toys for cats and when you dangle them in the air or drag them across the ground, the cat’s hunting instinct will kick in. It’s adorable to watch them “stalk” the toy and then pounce on it… as you lift it out of their reach at the last minute! It’s very entertaining to watch and it is great exercise for your little hunter.

All You Need is a Paper Ball

I used to have a Himalayan cat who was obsessed with little crumpled up pieces of paper. He could hear the sound of you crumpling up a piece of paper from anywhere in the house and he would come running. When you dropped the paper on the floor, he would go wild – batting it around with his paws and chasing it. If your cat is the same, this is probably the cheapest and easiest toy that you will ever give them.

Get a Cat Tower

A cat tower is a climbing structure that is designed to be fun and challenging for your pet to climb. You can find them online, or build one of your own. To encourage your cat to climb the tower, you can hide treats or toys in the upper shelves.

These are just a few fun ideas for exercising your cat, so that your furry friend can stay active and healthy!

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