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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Debbie Martin


Pet Mascots for the FIFA World Cup through the Years- Fuleco

A mascot can bring a touch of fun and playfulness to any sporting event and there has been a mascot at every FIFA event since World Cup Willie the Lion at the 1966 England tournament.

The mascot for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is Fuleco the Armadillo, an endangered species that is indigenous to Brazil. The armadillo defends itself by rolling up into a ball, which makes it an appropriate symbol for the World Cup. However, environmentalists are concerned that the publicity of the World Cup would encourage people to adopt these animals as pets, which would further put their numbers in danger.

Fuleco the Armadillo wouldn’t make a good pet. Neither would Zakumi the Leopard from South Africa 2010 (he would eat you alive) or Ciao the football-headed stick figure from Italy 1990 (his head is a football with a face on it!) But perhaps there are other FIFA pet mascots from previous years that would make good animal companions?

Striker the Dog

When the World Cup was hosted by the USA in 1994, the mascot was Striker the World Cup Pup. He is a dog kitted out in a red white and blue uniform, proudly bearing the USA 94 logo.

Striker would be a fun pet to have, as long as you don’t mind his love of hot dogs and hamburgers, his lack of world geography knowledge and his tendency to “sit and stay” with the utmost reverence whenever the Star Spangled Banner is played.

Footix the Rooster

Wearing the France team shirt with “France 98” emblazoned on the front, Footix was the mascot of the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France. A rooster is one of the national symbols of France and his name is a combination of “football” and a reference to the popular Asterix comic strip.

If you adopted Footix as a pet he would wake you up at the crack of dawn with his passionate rooster call. However, he would then probably want to then make crepes and coffee for you and discuss philosophy while smoking cigarettes, so that could be fun.

Ato, Kaz and Nik

When South Korea and Japan hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2002, mascots got strange. Instead of recognisable animals, they came up with orange, purple and blue computer generated creatures called Ato, Kaz and Nik. They look somewhat like tie-dyed aliens or mutated Teletubbies and they play their own fictional sport “Atmoball”, which is similar to football. Come on, who wouldn’t want to freak out their friends by having colourful aliens as pets?

These are just a few of the World Cup mascots who would make the best pets, which one would you choose?

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