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Published on June 5th, 2013 | by Debbie Martin


Tips on Diet and Feeding Your Dog

Most people will get a dog when they’re still a puppy and this is this perfect time to make sure that he understands the “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to what he should and shouldn’t be eating. In fact, the tips below are just as important you for you as they are for your pet and you’ll find all sorts of information on nutrition for dogs as well as what to feed them.

Feeding Regime

When your pet is still just a baby he will need to eat more often and it’s usually recommended he gets a meal four times a day until he’s about 12 weeks old. After that his meals should be reduced to 3 per day and, once he reaches the age of 6 months his meals can be reduced to twice per day. Incidentally, if you have really new pups in your home, they should be eating solid food by the time they’re about 5 weeks old.

What to Feed a Dog

This can be pretty confusing. There are many different brands of food on the market which can leave your head spinning, especially if you have a dog for the first time. The best thing to do if you’re not sure is to take some advice from your vet.

If you’re thinking about feeding your dog a homemade diet, you should definitely speak to your vet first. Commercial food is available for a reason! Keeping the right balance of nutrients and minerals in your dog’s diet is hugely important if you want him to remain healthy and strong.

Most foods on the market these days offer a complete diet so they include everything your furry friend needs to keep him in tip-top condition and you can find out more about our great range of products on our website.

When to Feed a Dog

Of course, he will want breakfast just like we do, and when you’re feeding an adult dog (or one that’s old enough to only eat twice per day); mornings and evenings are the best time. However, do be careful about giving them a meal before a trip in the car. Unfortunately, many breeds of dog are prone to car sickness and the very last thing you need is vomit all over the car!

Another thing to remember is not to give your pet a meal an hour before or after you intend to let them have a good old run around in the park. The reason for this is your dog could potentially end-up with a health condition called “bloat” which can be pretty dangerous so this tip is one for the note book.


Many dog owners will want to give their pet a treat now and then but, you have to think about the additional calories you’re giving them. If you’re using treats as part of a training routine, try to balance their main meals out so they’re not getting too many calories. Of course, plenty of exercise is also the perfect answer to keeping weight under control.

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