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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by Debbie Martin


Tips for Controlling Intestinal Worms in Pets

Many pet owners are not aware of the many parasitic risks for cats and dogs.  As well as fleas and ticks pets can also be affected by intestinal worms.  Fortunately these unpleasant parasites can be treated successfully with Drontal for dogs and cats.

If you do have pets then you will need to take action to protect them from intestinal worms such as tapeworm or roundworm.  These parasites have been linked to a number of serious conditions which can affect both animals and humans.  If you are new to treating intestinal parasites then here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Use Treatments All-Year Round

It is important that you keep up with intestinal parasite prevention.  Pets can easily pick up new infestations from microscopic worm eggs that are present in any places animals spend time at (parks, gardens, public walking paths etc.).  Eventually worming treatments will wear off and your pets will once again be vulnerable to these parasites.  With Drontal for dogs you can treat your pets every three to four months and build up continual year-round protection for them.

2. Start Treating Puppies from a Young Age

It is important to remember that puppies can pick up worms from their mothers whilst they are in the womb.  This means even if they have not been in contact with other animals they could still be infested.  This can seriously affect their health and present a risk of cross-contamination to any humans handling them.  This means you need to get Drontal for dogs puppy formula and worm them from at least 2 weeks onwards.

3. Choose Reputable Worming Products

Not all worming products are equal.  Some brands may not contain the right substances to treat all the common forms of parasitic worms in the UK.  It is important you use a trusted and reputable brand such as Drontal for dogs.  This will ensure that with just a single dose you can control and eradicate intestinal worms.

4. Try Easy Application Spot on Products

It can be difficult giving pets medication sometimes.  This is why Drontal for dogs Spot On products are a great idea.  With Drontal for dogs Spot On you only have to place a few small drops of the formula on the back of your pet’s neck.  They will not be able to groom this off and you can be sure the Spot On starts getting to work straight away.

5. Always Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Products like Drontal for dogs are not harmful to you or your pets as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  Once you have applied the product always wash your hands thoroughly.  Make sure you have checked the dosage for the size and breed of your pet.

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