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Published on May 9th, 2014 | by Debbie Martin


The Trendiest Cat Names of the Year

When it comes to cat names, trends tend to come and go year by year. Sometimes cat names are very popular one year, then other cat names rise in popularity. This can be influenced by the names of famous cats or characters in television shows, films or the mainstream media – as well as many other factors.

Pet website VetStreet took a look at their vast database of 425,000 cat names to figure out which ones were the trendiest. They looked for the names that had climbed the most in popularity over the last decade. These names are not necessarily the most popular, they are the ones that have increased in popularity the most (although they might also be very popular).

So what are the trendiest cat names for this year?

  • Sophia – This pretty kitty name has moved up 34 spots on the popularity rankings, perhaps inspired by the Disney Jr. animated show “Sofia the First”.
  • Tux – This cute name has risen 37 spots in the popularity list and would be a great name for a black and white kitten.
  • Nala – Inspired by the female lion love interest of Simba in the Disney animated classic “The Lion King”, Nala has moved up 42 spots in the popularity ranking.
  • Finn- This name is also one of the trendiest cat names, moving up 38 spots over the past decade. Perhaps it is inspired by “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, or maybe the character Finn Hudson on Glee.
  • Mittens – This has been a popular cat name for many decades, but it is seeing a resurgence recently.
  • Sheldon – Thanks to the popularity of the show “The Big Bang Theory” and its main character Sheldon, this cat name has risen 39 spots in popularity. Penny, another character on the show, has also jumped 68 spots as a cat name.
  • Stella – This is another great cat name that has become very trendy recently, rising 47 spots in the rankings over the last decade. It is also the name of Jay Pritchett’s French Bulldog on the popular show “Modern Family”.
  • Zeus – Inspired by the Greek “Father of the Gods” who rules from Mount Olympus and controls the thunder and lightning – this epic cat name has risen 44 spots in popularity.
  • Olive – This is another adorable cat name which has risen in popularity over the last decade, climbing 49 spots.
  • Cooper – Do you like this name for your furry feline friend? Many other people have, as Cooper has risen 47 spots to become the number 6 trendiest cat name of the year.
  • Luna – This is a pretty cat name which has risen 50 places in popularity. Perhaps it is due to the character of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series?
  • Penelope – This beautiful cat name has surged in popularity and has risen 51 spots, perhaps because Kourtney Kardashian named her daughter Penelope.
  • Thor – Perhaps prompted by the recent “Thor” blockbuster films, this cat name has risen in popularity by 58 spots.
  • Loki – Also inspired by the “Thor” films, many people have named their cat after the villain. This name has risen 75 places in the last 10 years.

Do any of these popular cat names suit your sweet and cuddly feline friend?


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