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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Debbie Martin


It’s natural for cats to scratch, but it can still be a problem

Scratching is part and parcel of owning a cat, it’s natural behaviour in cats and is mainly used by them to mark their territory as well as to keep their nails trim.
However, it can also be seen as a sign of anxiety which may result in indoor scratching of things such as furniture and curtains. There are a number of reasons that this could be the cause including: –

  • Changes in the home – such as a spot of redecorating, visitors to the home or even new furniture.
  • Tension and conflicts – especially in homes with more than one cat

Did you know up to 70% of owners have experienced unwanted scratching in their home

cat scratching postWell now Ceva owners of the leading behavioural product Feliway have developed Feliway Feliscratch a product which is proven to be effective with many of these issues including:

  • Unwanted scratching on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • With cats that are already scratching or newly adopted cats or kittens
  • and with single or multi cat households

This new product is a unique solution that has been specifically designed to redirect the scratching habits of the cat or kitten from locations around the home that are undesireable, to the desired location such as a cat scratching post or toy.

To do this the product has been developed with three key ingredients:

  • Blue colour, so that when applied the lines mimic the visual message, ie. the lacerations that normal scratching creates.
  • A small amount of catnip to attract and encourage the cat or kitten to use the scratching post
  • Synthetic copy of the pheromone message that directs scratching on the surface where the product is applied

The new product is also simple to use,

Applying Feliway Feliscratch

90% of cat owners found the product easy to use

  1. FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® is a liquid containing blue taint to mimic natural visual messages. Avoid potential spillage on fabrics, furniture or carpets by placing down your scratching post on a sink or a newspaper before applying.
  2. Apply the product slowly by drawing 2 0r 3 lines onto the scratching post
  3. Allow the application to dry for 5 minutes, then install the post vertically
  4. Try and place the post close to the area where your cat scratches (preferable) or where they usually rest.
  5. Apply a single dose once daily for the first week (7 days) and then 1 pipette at the beginning of week 3 and 1 pipette at the beginning of week 4.

Feliscratch How to Use Chart

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