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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Debbie Martin


How to Spot Signs of Stress in Your Pet

You know your pet better than anybody and will often notice changes in behaviour in traumatic situations, such as Bonfire Night.  During the firework season many pets become stressed and fearful which is not normal behaviour

 Symptoms to look out for include:


  • Trembling and shaking
  • Clinging to owners
  • Barking excessively
  • Cowering and hiding behind furniture
  • Trying to run away
  • Soiling the house
  • Pacing and panting
  • Refusing to eat


  • Cowering and hiding behind or on top of furniture
  • Trying to run away
  • Soiling the house
  • Refusing to eat

 Adaptil for dogs is the only scientifically proven behavioural product to help reduce noise fears in dogs, Adaptil contains the natural pheromone the mother dog produces to comfort it’s young. Adaptil is the only product proven to reduce the intensity of fear felt by a dog during firework exposure. Plugging in an Adaptil diffuser or fitting an Adaptil Collar can help comfort your dog during fireworks.

Although cats rarely show if they are fearful of fireworks, keeping them indoors can cause them to become upset and show unwanted behaviour such as spraying, scratching and intercat tension. Feliway for cats contains a copy of the facial pheromone cats use when they feel safe in the home. Feliway has been proven to prevent unwanted behaviour in cats and is recommended by veterinary centres and behaviourists.

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Debbie Martin has worked at Beeston Animal Health for over five years, having previously worked as a nurse in equine and small animal practice. Although generally involved with aspects of marketing these days and putting her psychology degree to good use, she still has a great depth of up to date knowledge in all creatures great and small. Debbie lives at home with her partner and two children and spends much of her spare time looking after her horses, dogs and cats or at the home farm with the cows, sheep and turkeys.

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