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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by Debbie Martin


How to Keep Your Pets Safe this Christmas

When the Christmas season rolls around, you can look forward to spending time with your family, eating delicious food and attending great parties. However, during this busy and festive time of the year it is important to keep your little furry friends in mind. Christmas can be fun for your pets and they might even find some catnip or a new chew toy in their stocking, but there are also some dangers associated with this time of the year.

How can you keep your pets safe this season? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Keep your Pet Away From Christmas Treats

The holiday season means lots of delicious treats for the humans, but these indulgences can make your cat or dog very sick. Be especially careful not to leave chocolates under the tree or within reach, as these can be highly toxic to your pets. Also, alcoholic beverages will make your pets very ill, so remove any bowls of punch or eggnog that are within reach.

It is a good idea to avoid giving your pet chicken or turkey bones, as these can splinter and become caught in your pet’s throat.

Christmas Tree Tips

How can you keep your Christmas tree safe for your furry friends? Here are some tips:

·         If you have a real Christmas tree, sweep up the tree needles regularly. If your pet eats them they can be very uncomfortable.

·         Always cover up all electrical cords and tree lights, so that your pet won’t be tempted to chew on them and electrocute themselves.

·         Make sure that your tree is attached to the wall, so that a curious cat or dog won’t accidently knock it over.

·         Try to use decorations that are unbreakable and avoid tinsel, as pets might swallow it.

Other Christmas Pet Dangers

There are a few other dangers that you should keep in mind at this time of year. For example, avoid having plants such as mistletoe, yew trees and holly within reach of your pets – as these can be poisonous. If you are opening Christmas crackers or champagne bottles, put your pet in a different room because the sudden loud noise can startle and panic them.

These are just a few of the most common pet dangers that you should keep in mind during the Christmas season. Take care to avoid these risks, so that you and your pet can enjoy a happy and healthy Christmas celebration together.

Just in case your pet becomes ill over the holidays, it is a good idea to check the local veterinarian’s surgery for their opening hours. Take down the phone number of an emergency after hour veterinarian, just in case you need it.

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