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Published on May 29th, 2013 | by Debbie Martin


Getting a new cat, feline friends for family fulfillment

Cats make wonderful pets.  Each cat has its own unique personality and quirks. You can find playful cats that will fit into busy family homes and bring a little joy into everyone’s lives.  You can also find more laid-back cats ideal for couples or singles that like a quieter, more sedate environment.  Getting a new cat can be a great way to turn your house into a welcoming home.

Decisions, Decisions!

There are so many different types of cats out there it can be difficult knowing where to start.  However you do need to think carefully before you get a cat.  You will need to match your personality and lifestyle to theirs so that you find the right companion for your home.  Here are just a few issues you need to consider before choosing your new cat.

Kitten or Adult?

Kittens are adorable and children will love them. However kittens and young cats can be a real handful.  They will be bursting with energy and will need careful training to ensure they stay out of trouble.  A kitten can be a real unknown entity as well.  It can be hard to tell what kind of cat they may become.  You could end up with an adult cat not well-suited to your household.

Adult cats will normally be calmer and less mischievous.  There is less need for supervision and training and this can be more suitable for those who spend long hours away from home at work.  You will also be able to observe their personalities closely before you decide whether or not you will suit.  Opting for an adult cat can also be a good way to do your bit for animal charities.  They rarely have trouble homing cute young kittens. However older cats can be stuck in animal shelters for long periods of time waiting and waiting for a loving home to go to.  Re-homing an adult cat can be a good way to get a new pet and providing vital support for animal welfare.

Short or Long Fur

Many people overlook this vital factor when choosing cats.  The reality is that cats with long fur will require more attention when it comes to grooming.  Their fur can quickly get tangled and knotted without regular grooming.  Long fur tends to get everywhere so you will have to vacuum more often.  Short hair pets can enjoy grooming as well but they will not start looking neglected if you don’t brush them for a few days.

Purebred of Moggy?

Some cat owners will have a favourite breed.  There are actually relatively few different cat purebreds and the majority of feline pets will be mixed breed moggies.  This really is a matter of personal choice however if you do have your heart set on a particular breed is does pay to do your research.  Some breeds may be more prone to certain health problems and you should always buy from reputable breeders.

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