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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Debbie Martin


Dog Grooming and why you should do it Regularly

Dog GroomingWhether you have a short haired dog or a long haired breed, it is important to groom your dog regularly. Imagine how uncomfortable you would feel if you never brushed or washed your hair! Your scalp would be itchy, your hair would be tangled and it would start to get matted and sweaty. You wouldn’t enjoy this feeling and your pet doesn’t either.

Grooming your pet helps them in a number of ways:

Keep Them Clean

Grooming helps to remove dirt, dead hair and dead skin cells from your dog, so that they will not irritate your allergies and leave clumps of fur on the furniture. It will also help to encourage new hair growth.

Keep Them Healthy

Regular grooming will help to stimulate new coat growth, which makes your pet’s fur look healthier and shinier. Also, it will prevent tangles, knots and mats from forming – which can cause skin irritations which turn into infections.

Keep Them Looking Great

Of course, when your pet has been groomed they will be looking their best, with a beautiful shining coat. You will be able to take your beautiful furry friend out on walks with pride.

Keep Them Safe from Parasites

Regular grooming gives you a chance to check your dog’s coat for parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks. Also, you or your groomer will be able to spot any lumps, bumps, sores, or areas of skin irritation. It is important to catch these things early, so that they can be dealt with before they become a major problem for your dog.

Keep Them Feeling Loved and Happy

Grooming is part of the natural socialisation behaviour of a dog and when you regularly groom your dog, they will feel happier and closer to you. Also, grooming your dog from a young age will get them used to being handled, which will make it easier for them to deal with other situations such as trips to the vet. You can start grooming your dog from a very early age to get them used to it.

Tips for Dog Grooming

So now that you know how important it is to groom your canine companion, how should you go about it? Here are some dog grooming tips to keep in mind:

·         Groom your dog at a height that is comfortable for both of you, which means that some dogs should be placed on a table. Use a sturdy work bench or table and make sure it has a non-slip surface. Don’t leave your dog unattended on the table.

·         Make the experience positive. Keep a calm and reassuring voice and then reward your dog with praise and treats.

·         Always finish the grooming before your dog gets bored or tired, so that you can end the session on a positive note.

·         Keep an eye out for ticks, fungal infections, hair loss and other issues.

·         Some breeds of dog might need professional grooming, so find a groomer who makes your dog feel comfortable and happy.

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