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Published on May 24th, 2012 | by Debbie Martin


Does Your Dog Have Worms? Here’s How to Tell

Do you know how to spot an infestation of worms in your dog?

Worms are one of the most common health problems that effect dogs. They are a parasite which lives in your dog’s digestive system and can cause them vomiting, anaemia and sometimes even invade vital organs such as the heart. Fortunately, they are very treatable and with Drontal for dogs you can easily solve the problem.

Parasites in your dog’s digestive system are usually “silent” and can be hard to spot. In order to treat the problem you will need to be able to recognize the symptoms when they occur so that you can apply Drontal for dogs. Here are some things to look for when your dog has worms:

Keep a Close Eye on Your Dog’s Droppings or Vomit

If your dog has worms and needs a treatment of Drontal for dogs, the worms will show up in its droppings or vomit. They will look like little white pieces of cooked spaghetti or grains of white rice. It is disgusting to examine your pet’s droppings or vomit, but it is important to their health that you are aware of this sort of thing.

Watch Your Pet’s Stomach

Sometimes the symptoms that your pet needs a treatment of Drontal for dogs can be seen in the shape of their stomach. The stomach will start to look swollen and bloated and your pet will look like they have a “pot belly”. This look is especially pronounced when your dog is otherwise very skinny, but it can be harder to spot in a larger dog.

Look for Changes in Behaviour

When your dog is sick with worms they will likely exhibit certain changes in their usual behaviour. If you have a puppy that is normally very energetic and they suddenly lose their playful energy and become listless you should be concerned. Sometimes older pets will become very picky eaters and other times they will become extremely ravenous and eat everything in sight. However, even with a healthy appetite these dogs will start losing weight because the worms are stealing away all of the nutrients from the foods they eat.

You also might notice that your dog is rubbing its rear end on the carpet or furniture. This is because the worms will make its anus itchy and it is trying to relieve the irritation.

If your dog is exhibiting any of these symptoms he or she might be suffering from a case of intestinal worms. It is very important that you take your dog to the vet right away to get tests done. If it is determined that your pet does have worms, you can use Drontal for dogs to treat the problem and help your pup get healthy again.

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