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Published on May 22nd, 2015 | by Debbie Martin


Accidents Happen: Cleaning Doggy Urine

Cleaning Doggy Urine, no matter how well trained and obedient your dog is, there is always the chance that he will have an accident at some point in the house.

Coming home or waking up and finding the smell of dog urine in your house is not a pleasant experience. However, by carrying out the following steps you can make sure that the place smells good again and that your pet has less chance of doing the same thing again.

A young puppy can’t control his bladder much at all until he reaches a couple of months of age. After this point, he should start to improve all the time provided that he gets the right training. Having said that, there are some reasons why an old puppy or dog can continue to urinate where he shouldn’t. For example, it could be a behavioural issue but it could also be down to health issues.

After you have cleaned up after him he should stay away from that area, as he is most likely to urinate in spots where he can smell that he has done so in the past. If he keeps on urinating in places where he shouldn’t then you should check with a vet to see if there is an underlying problem to address. Another point to bear in mind is that the smell of his urine is likely to be more concentrated in the morning, making it easier to find. When he goes during the day it can be easier to miss the messy results around your house.

Cleaning New Carpet Stains

When you discover a stain on your carpet that is still fresh and wet you will want to clean it as quickly and effectively as possible. The first step is to absorb the urine with paper towels. You can clean up a fair amount in this way so you can try standing on them to really press them into the carpet and soak up the mess. It can take up to a minute for these towels to work fully, so don’t rush this job and leave it only half-done. Once you have soaked up as much as you can the carpet should be relatively dry. You can now freshen it up and remove the bad smell with product such as an oxygenated cleaner or enzymatic cleaner spray.  When you clean the stain in this way you should always treat a few inches outside of the part that looks soiled. By doing this you will make sure that you clean up all of the stain. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell so he will detect any urine left in the carpet, even if you can’t. When spraying the stain you should cover the area well but without soaking it. Check the manufacturer instructions if you aren’t sure exactly how to use the product. After this, you can finish off by vacuuming the area.

Cleaning Old Carpet Stains

Finding and cleaning old carpet stains can be a lot more difficult than cleaning newer ones. The first issue lies in finding them. Using a black light can help you to do this. You might find that your sense of smell guides you too, although it is unlikely that you detect them all in this way. You should then mark the areas with old stains, so that you can find them again to work on them.  You can then spray the areas in the same way you did with the fresher stains, although you may have to repeat the process several times in this case. In some cases you might need to lift up this part of the carpet and clean the underlay or the floor underneath.

Floors and Walls

If you have hardwood floors around the house then you may be able to clean them effectively with just oxygenated or enzymatic spray cleaner. However, it is also possible that you will need to paint the wall or varnish the floor after cleaning it, if it has been badly damaged. If the stain is really old and deep there is also the chance that it has soaked in so deeply that the only sensible solution is to replace the wood, plaster or other materials used.

Cleaning Clothes and Other Laundry Items

Anything that has been stained and can be put in a washing machine should be washed using detergent first of all, followed by oxygen laundry booster and bleach if possible. It is often a good idea to let stained items soak overnight or for a few hours before cleaning them. This can be especially useful with items that are difficult to clean because of their shape. After cleaning these items you should check them visually for stains and also give them a smell test too. It might be necessary to re-wash them more than once. After initially washing the items you should dry them naturally instead of in the tumble dryer. Once they have dried, wet them slightly and see if the bad smell re-appears. If it does then you will need to wash them again until you are satisfied that they now smell fresh again.

Cleaning Items of Furniture

Some items of furniture are a lot more difficult to clean than others, particularly things like beds and chairs. The best thing to do is to avoid them getting stained in the first place by using waterproof covers and stain protection. If these pieces of furniture get stained by dog urine they can be almost impossible to clean thoroughly. If you need to clean your furniture or mattress then you should check the fabric for colour fastness first of all. Provided that it comes through ok then it should be fine to spot clean it. If you can’t work out how to clean the item effectively then you may need to speak to cleaning professionals who can use their equipment to get the job done. Don’t forget that getting the piece of furniture thoroughly cleaned is the best way of stopping your dog from spraying urine on it in the future.

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